Mythology For Dummies

Egyptian Gods

Seth was the God of chaos. He was wild, gullible, rough, and very jealous.  He even took out his brother’s eye! Seth was the second son of Geb and wanted control of everything. He had the power of turning into any animal he wanted to. He killed his brother, however the brother still kept power over him.

Isis was the Queen of the Egyptian Gods. She was the God of life and war, magic, life, medicine, and wisdom.  Isis was known as the God of 10,000 names, because she was God of so many things. She used her gifted talents and personalities to help her people. She was usually loving, but at times became destructive. Osiris was Isis’s wife and brother. She was also the daughter of Geb. She gained the power of life and death from Ra, in order to help her people. Isis was also part cow.

Thoth was the God of writing, magic, wisdom, numbers, arts, and astronomy. He was kind of like a scientist of the Egyptian times, partly because he kept records. He was very smart and believed he could reserve people’s memories. He wrote The Book of Thoth, when he read it, he could do many things, that others could not do. No one has ever seen the book of Thoth. He was either Ra’s son, or he created himself.