Mythology For Dummies

Greek Gods

is the Goddess of victory, and winning.  Nike was half titan. Her father was Pallas, and her mother was Oileis. She had three brothers; Bia, Kratos, and Zelos. Athena was her half sister, and she also had some siblings on her mother’s side. Zeus counted on her as his ‘wing woman’ in battles.  Nike’s brothers, Athena, and Nike were really close, and loved being with each other, so they had secret “gatherings.” She was usually seen with symbolic items, and she was the only God who kept her wings.


Ares is the God of war. His father was Zeus, and his mother is Hera. Ares was fearless, decisive, a master at Olympics, had super-human powers, and was determined. He was not very good at war, was a coward, and fell in love with lots!


Zeus is the God of sky and weather. He’s the King of all Gods and the ruler of Mount Olympus. Zeus’s symbol was a thunder bolt. He was strong, powerful, charming, and persuasive. Lots of times Zeus got into trouble for love affairs and he could get very moody. He was born on the Island of Crete. He had to hide from his father Cronus, because Cronus ate all his other children in fear that they might over power him.  Though, eventually he over threw his fathers power, and made Cronus “throw up” his other siblings.